Bionic Ear Booster and Sound Amplifier In Anand

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Bionic Ear Booster and Sound Amplifier

₹ 10,000 ₹ 16,000

  • Hear conversations from 100 yards =APP.100 meter away
  • 1- 9 volt battery that lasts for 40 hours
  • Automatic shutting system to protect ears
  • Affordable Product
  • Contact-Less delivery to your Door Steps
  • Comes with 12” parabolic dish
  • 3.5 mono Patch Cord to bionic ear and record
  • Line in jack 10V preeminence

Bionic Ear Booster is a device which helps you to amplify the noise according to your needs from a faraway place. This device is made with high-technology bionic ear listening device with booster and this works as a sound amplifier to provide the best audio quality to you.

It is mainly used to surveill you can easily use Surveillance sound amplifier to understand more about what is going somewhere else.

With this product you can easily spy on the people and also forget to miss out on things. When people don’t include you in things it can reduce your wish to be happy but with our Spy bionic Ear Booster helps you to listen to the conversations people are having.

You can easily record and listen to animals and wildlife or nature and also record them to feel their unspeakable language.

Bionic Ear & Booster sound amplifier helps to hear distant and faint noises too, you can hear people whisper easily with Bionic ear and Booster set and with the best Tactical Hearing Amplifiers you can do your surveillance.

The Bionic Ear Booster increases the volume of the whispers by 40 decibels and this helps you to listen to the minor details. Record the noises with our High Technology product Bionic Ear Booster in Delhi.

This product provides the Frequency response of 100-10KHz because of its high technology procedure.

The Bionic Ear Booster helps to Amplifies sounds by 40 dB which is more than enough for Sound amplifiers and for human ear.

You can tape record the noise with using output jack.

It comes with the volume adjuster to help you reach the volume you need.

The Sound Amplifier is powered by 1- 9 volt battery that lasts about 40 hours for recording the noise and travelling.

-46dB Mic sensitivity for the better sound amplifying.

Independent cuts of the noise after the volume reaching the level of 90db.

You can use Bionic Ear Booster at various places like to hear missing conversations.

You can also use Bionic Ear Booster to record the noise of wildlife and nature to make it in a movie.

This product is mostly used for the surveillance; you can use it to hear suspected people.

Bionic Ear Booster is one of the best products to amplify the noise of a particular area and it can be needed by anyone.

Mothers can also use this produce to see if their baby is ok or not in the different room while they are busy with house chores.

You can use it to feel happy when you are not included in particular conversations.

You can use this product to collect evidence legally.

Bionic Ear Booster and Sound Amplifier in Anand

The Bionic Ear Booster and sound amplifier in Anand, a listening device which is the only pinpointed amplifier of its compact size available to the patron market. Bionic Ear Booster’s utilizations in incorporate individual security, search and salvage, chasing, almost deaf, untamed life perception, outside experiences, outdoors, bird’s perception, and unmistakably more.

Bionic ear booster and sound amplifier in Anand, one of the best devices for listening in market places and crowed places right now to hear something particularly clear. This device is consisting of a microphone with parabolic handle with headphones. This sound amplifier can grab up to 300 yards away sound with very ease and clear. It is one of the longest ranges for distant listeners. Private investigators, law enforcement officers, etc. are using these Bionic sound amplifiers. It is probably one of the most exciting gadgets in the category of listening devices. You can catch sound vibrations coming from very far away.

Bionic Ear Booster in Anand, it is device used to increase the sound by up to 40 decibels by utilizing an Omni-directional microphone, a solid-state amplifier and hi-fidelity earphones for concert hall, quality of sound reproduction with these sound amplifier devices, one can easily hear anyone clearly in crowed places. At the point when the included 12″ explanatory Bionic ear Booster joined with the Bionic Ear and sponsor become exceptionally directional, permitting you to effectively recognize the wellspring of sounds and stifle foundation commotions. You can easily able to hear mere movements in the woods at incredible distances. Detect animal movements for nature observation or photography or direct the microphone toward distant bird chirps for identification. These devices can easily record bird calls and other natural sounds with the recorder output jack of this device.

Bionic Sound Amplifier in Anand

The Bionic Sound Amplifier helps individuals with hearing disability issues to hear sound and voice as typical individuals. Doctors also recommended these devices because it helps in medications of physical trauma. This Sound Amplifier listening device helps people with hearing impaired problem to hear sound and voice as normal people Medications Physical trauma. This Voice Sound Amplifier helps people with hearing impaired problem to hear sound and voice as normal people. A hearing disorder or hearing disorder could be a full or partial decrease within the ability to detect or understand sounds caused by a good range of biological and environmental factors, loss of hearing can happen to any organism that perceives sound.

Surveillance Sound Amplifier in Anand

Surveillance Sound Amplifier may be a professional surveillance tool for the everyday user. This device is consisting of an easily assembled 20" parabolic dish, headphones, and a 3-band equalizer, this microphone captures audio from up to 300 yards removed from where the device is put. hear conversations or observe nature sounds from a distance with amazing clarity. This Spy Bionic Ear Booster also features an output jack to attach a recorder for a permanent record of your surveillance. Bring distant sound into focus with the Monster Ear Sound Amplifier. Spy bionic Ear Booster in India or Spy bionic Ear Booster in Delhi is additionally a tool designed to boost the hearing by making sound audible to someone with deafness. These hearing aids are classified as medical devices in most countries, and controlled by the respective regulations, and consult by many doctors still. Bionic ear Booster in Delhi like PSAPs or other plain sound reinforcing systems cannot be sold as "hearing aids.

Sound Amplifier Listening Device in Anand

Bionic ear booster and sound amplifier in Anand are used for a spread of pathologies including sensorineural hearing disorder, conductive deafness, and single-sided deafness. Portable amplifier eagerness is frequently dictated by a Doctor of Audiology, who will likewise fit these gadgets addicted to the character and level of the meeting misfortune being treated by us. The user of the hearing aid can experience multi-factorial, looking forward to the sort, severity, and ethology of the impairment, the technology and fitting of the device, and on the motivation, personality, lifestyle, and overall health of the user, these Sound Amplifier Listening Device is used in huge amount.

Mobile Voice Changer in Anand

The Mobile Voice Changer gives you custom options according to your need like Bruce the Bot, Patrick the Monster, Julius the Bear and many more from which you can select according to you and transform your voice quickly in one click by previewing it before you start recording to give better experience. When you start recording it, it acts as a Voice Modulator Device and converts your voice into the desired character and gives clean audible and accurate output. This Voice Changer device in India is designed much more advanced modern and innovative as compared to several other devices as its transition and button responses are mind-blowing. It generally has the same process as any other Voice Modifier devices, you record a voice, and chose the filter. But this device is one the best Cell Phone Voice Changer in India as it gives you the freedom of customizing the filter by tweaking the elements like their pitch and tempo.

Surveillance Sound Amplifier in Anand

Surveillance sound amplifier in Anand is meant for spying, surveillance, security, hunting, wildlife observation, enforcement, militia, search and rescue, spying, camping, birdwatching, outdoor adventure, and far more. Hear a discussion with pinpoint exactness at 300 yards with the Detect Ear. This incredible observation and insightful apparatus fuse a 20-inch breadth snap-together explanatory dish joined with the foremost developed sound hardware accessible. The Detect Ear is additionally outfitted with a 3-band equalizer to alter for explicit sound frequencies, recording jack, and interchanges input jack for remarkable reconnaissance and spying capacities. The Detect Ear may be mounted to a signify broadened use.

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We are the prominent providers of the amplifier, Cellular Voice changer, and voice modifier. Known for prime efficiency, compact design, low maintenance, and longer service life, this has gained huge demand within the market. additionally, this range is strictly tested by the quality controller on various parameters to assure the amplifier provided by us is optimum in quality and free from flaws. you'll easily buy Bionic Ear Booster and Sound Amplifier devices from our websites online otherwise you should buy from our offline stores. we provide huge discounts on our products for our customers.

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